What is a green champion?

A green champion is any individual that has signed up to Living Planet @ Work and is interested in helping their workplace implement sustainability efforts. By joining Living Planet @ Work, green champions will gain access to free resources and guidance around reducing office sustainability impacts and supporting WWF-Canada’s conservation mission.

Do I need to work in sustainability to be a green champion?

No. Our champions come from a wide range of different backgrounds, departments, seniority levels, and company sectors. If you’re passionate about sustainability, you can become a green champion!

How can my company participate in the free Living Planet @ Work Program?

Companies can gain access to Living Planet @ Work’s free sustainability resources by having an employee sign up to become a green champion.

Does WWF-Canada endorse companies that participate in Living Planet @ Work?

No. WWF-Canada does not endorse or certify the Living Planet @ Work participant companies; rather, WWF-Canada supports each companies’ involvement in the program and their sustainability journey and use of our resources to achieve this.

Does partnership in the Living Planet @ Work program qualify a company as “sustainable” or “green”?

No. Living Planet @ Work is a tool designed to help companies set sustainability goals and work towards them through employee engagement activities. WWF-Canada does not audit or certify companies through this program (there are no contracts or legal obligations) and participation is voluntary.

Does Living Planet @ Work offer recognition opportunities for champions and companies?

Yes! We are always looking to share sustainability success stories. If you would like a chance to be recognized via Living Planet @ Work communications, please visit our Contact page to share your story.

Living Planet @ Work also hosts annual awards, which offers formal recognition for champion and company leadership in sustainability. Please visit the LP@W Awards page for details.

How can my company communicate our engagement in Living Planet @ Work? Is it necessary to involve WWF-Canada regarding our communications?

It is not necessary to involve WWF-Canada if you are mentioning Living Planet @ Work in internally-focused communications/documents, including:

  • Staff newsletters and memos
  • Company intranet
  • Internal events, such as bake sales, staff lunches, etc.

Here is a standard statement that you can use to describe your Living Planet @ Work involvement in these internal communications:

“(Your company) has proudly committed to WWF-Canada’s Living Planet @ Work program. Through our participation in Living Planet @ Work, we are setting goals for employee engagement and sustainability, and the program resources will help us work toward these goals.”

You must involve WWF-Canada if you wish to communicate about your participation in the Living Planet @ Work program with external stakeholders (e.g. customers) or the general public, for example through:

  • Your company’s external website
  • Corporate social media channels
  • Press releases
  • Media interviews
  • CSR reports or annual reports

Logo Usage:  Please note that use of the Living Planet @ Work logo — both internally and externally —can only be granted with WWF-Canada’s explicit permission.

If you wish to communicate your participation in Living Planet @ Work externally or use the Living Planet @ Work logo, please contact LivingPlanetAtWork@wwfcanada.org.

The Living Planet @ Work team will respond to your request as soon as possible and guide next steps.

Our company has an annual volunteer day. What engagement opportunities do you offer with WWF-Canada? 

Visit our Volunteer page to find opportunities to donate your time with your corporate group. If you are looking for a more customized volunteer opportunity, please contact us.

I want to lead a workplace fundraiser for WWF-Canada. Where does the money go?

By supporting WWF-Canada with a company fundraiser, you will help advance WWF-Canada’s mission to see nature, wildlife and people thrive together. To learn more about the conservation projects your funds can support, please visit wwf.ca or review WWF-Canada’s five-year plan. Get started by visiting our workplace giving page.

How can our company can partner with WWF-Canada more formally?

Living Planet @ Work offers formal partnerships in two ways:

  • Fee-based customized employee engagement opportunities.
  • Program sponsorship (provides the company with access to a higher level of service from the Living Planet @ Work team).

If you are interested in learning more about either of these opportunities, please Contact us.