Through friendly competition, the print responsibly challenge offers a fun way to track your office’s paper use and teach your colleagues about how to print smarter at work.  

How to Get Started

This tool will guide you through six steps to help frame your thinking around how a print responsibly challenge can be organized at your workplace:

  1. Rally a team
  2. Set a goal
  3. Create an action plan
  4. Promote your event
  5. Track results
  6. Thank participants and share results

How Will This Action Create Change?

The print responsibly challenge can help you:

  • Track your office’s printing habits.
  • Challenge employees to use less paper.
  • Save money and improve sustainability through employee paper reduction strategies.

Take It A Step Further

Printing responsibly can also mean purchasing more sustainably sourced paper (like FSC-certified paper) and/or paper containing recycled content.

Get Started

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