With around 400 million tonnes of paper produced each year and growing, our unsustainable printing habits are adding pressure on the earth’s last remaining natural forests, aquatic ecosystem, and endangered wildlife. These same habits can also be costing your business money. Reducing your company’s paper footprint is not just about printing less, it involves ensuring the paper you buy comes from responsibly sourced forests and teaching employees to think differently about how to change the way they think about printing in their daily jobs.

How to Get Started

Our how-to guide offers insights and actions you can take to help your company:

  1. Measure its office paper footprint.
  2. Set paper sourcing and reduction goals.
  3. Take actions to reduce paper impacts.
  4. Track and report on collected data.

How Will This Action Create Change?

By leading sustainable paper initiatives at your company, you can:

  • Understand how to track paper use, employee printing trends and paper purchasing decisions.
  • Identify opportunities to reduce paper use and costs through technology and employee education.
  • Influence policies to purchase sustainably and reduce paper use at your company.

Get Started

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