The simple act of turning off a desktop computer in your office could save over half of that computer’s energy use. Start a power down challenge in your office and show how small actions can lead to big impact.

The premise of the power down challenge is simple: Conduct a monitor audit by tallying how many employees have powered down. Then, challenge all employees to shut off their monitors at the end of the day. Make it fun with competitions and rewards.

How to Get Started

This tool will guide you through six steps to help you organize your power down challenge:

  1. Rally a team
  2. Set a goal.
  3. Create an action plan.
  4. Promote your event.
  5. Track results.
  6. Thank participants and share results.

How Will This Action Create Change?

The power down challenge can help you:

  • Track energy use from appliances and electronics.
  • Teach your colleagues about phantom power and how to reduce it.
  • Create a fun activity to engage employees in energy-saving habits.

Take It A Step Further

A power down challenge doesn’t just have to be about shutting down computer monitors. There are many electronics that consume phantom power, and lots of opportunities to reduce it by unplugging devices, using power bars and setting automatic timers. Can you incorporate these into your challenge as well?

Get Started

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