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Start a Green Team

Green TeamBeginner

You have what it takes to create momentum and lead action for sustainability at work, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Forming a green team is one of the most effective actions you can take for long-term success. If you are just starting your sustainability journey, focus on this as your first step.

What to Do

Build a core green team group by finding a few like-minded employees at your workplace. Then, determine how your team will be structured, what areas of focus you would like to work on and what responsibilities each member has. Download our green team how-to guide and other related resources below to help you along the way.

How Will This Action Create Change?

By forming a green team at your company, you will:

  • Build a network of like-minded individuals who can use their diverse skillsets and experiences to maximize the team’s impact.
  • Relieve the stress of having to organize and execute your ideas alone.
  • Gain insight on different perspectives when brainstorming sustainability ideas.
  • Forge a new and exciting path that will open opportunities for environmental action at your company.

When you’ve completed this action, submit your results.

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