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Champion Energy Conservation at Work


Implementing actions to reduce your office’s energy use is a great step forward in doing your part to combat climate change. Get started today by leading one or more actions to reduce your energy-related carbon emissions.

What To Do

The choice is yours: Start small with low-cost energy-efficiency activities or think big and endeavor to make your building operate entirely from renewable energy sources. Download our energy action guide below and check out our related energy resources to help you along the way.

How Will This Action Create Change?

By leading sustainable energy initiatives at your workplace, you can:

  • Help track energy use and associated carbon emissions.
  • Get recognized for taking a sustainability leadership role.
  • Find opportunities for cost savings.
  • Engage employees in sustainability initiatives that help raise awareness about climate change.

When you’ve completed this action, share your results with us for the opportunity to be featured in Living Planet @ Work communications.

The Sustainable Development Goals That Align with This Action Include:

Visit the SDG compass site for details.