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Strengthen sustainability at work and engage employees on conservation in Canada. Get started by exploring the different workplace actions you can take within six impact areas.

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Road Salt truck drives down winter road

Advocate to Make Your Property #LessSalty

Advocate to Make Your Property #LessSalty

During Ontario winters, we are using much more salt than we need to keep our roads, sidewalks and parking lots safe. Road salt contains chloride, and its excessive use can have devastating effects on freshwater species. In fact, when at peak levels such as the winter, some waterways are just as salty as the ocean! Freshwater fish can’t survive in water that’s too salty, and too much chloride in the water kills eggs and larvae of wildlife such as mussels.
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Champion Sustainable Purchasing

Champion Sustainable Purchasing

When your organization purchases a product or service, it usually considers things like cost, quality, and technical capabilities. Buying responsibly adds another important layer of considerations to the table: considerations for the well-being of people and the planet. You might be surprised by the ways you can influence your organization’s buying habits. Sometimes, all it takes is asking the right questions to the right people. You can be the one to start that conversation.
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Sustainable Development Goals

Your Impact Toward the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

The sustainable development goals (SDGs) offer a framework of 17 global goals that need to be met by 2030 in order to collectively achieve a sustainable, equitable and just future for us all. Each Living Planet at work action will feature one or more of these icons indicating which of the SDGs the action relates to. Keep an eye out for these icons to know how your actions can ladder up to bigger change. You can learn more about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals here.