Sustainable purchasing is one of the most impactful ways that an organization can accelerate their journey toward a low-carbon and circular economy. However, it’s often difficult to act on because of internal barriers that exist between the sustainability and purchasing teams. As a sustainability champion, you can become the person that brings these teams together, no matter where your company is on its sustainable procurement journey.

How to Get Started

This guide, co-created with HP Canada, offers insights and actionable steps to help you learn about the importance of sustainable procurement and lead your company forward on its sustainable procurement journey. Read this five-step guide to learn how to:

  1. Find the right support.
  2. Map out procurement process and sustainability goals.
  3. Identify and discuss gaps.
  4. Set a common goal.
  5. Track progress and pivot as needed.

How Will This Action Create Change?

When your company practices sustainable procurement, it can:

  • Identify opportunities for cost savings by finding efficiencies within the supply chain.
  • Impress employees, customers, investors and other stakeholders by demonstrating its commitment to the environment.
  • Reduce business risks associated with environmental challenges such as climate change and biodiversity loss.

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