Take pressure off the world’s forests.

Paper is critical to the functioning of an office, but it can have a hefty environmental impact. Cutting down forests using unsustainable methods not only destroys wildlife habitat, it also contributes to climate change because the trees are no longer removing CO2 from the atmosphere. Meanwhile, producing just one sheet of paper uses as much as 20 litres of water. By using paper more responsibly and buying it from sustainable sources, we can help preserve forests, conserve water, cut pollution and reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill.

The solutions can start with simple actions. Printing on both sides. Providing clearly labeled recycling bins. Choosing more environmentally responsible paper products. It doesn’t take much to take pressure off the world’s forests.

Related Sustainable Development Goals:

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  1. Track your office’s paper consumption by employee, department or as a whole.
  2. Provide clearly labelled recycling bins near copiers, shipping and receiving areas.
  3. Purchase FSC-certified paper that sources material from responsibly managed forests.
  4. Run a challenge that encourages employees to print more responsibly.
  5. Take advantage of software in your computers and printers to help employees save paper (e.g. automatic duple printing).

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