Influence the sustainable impact that purchasing can have at your organization.

There’s a lot you can do internally to shrink your corporate environmental footprint, from switching off lights to collecting and responsibly recycling e-waste. But don’t forget to think beyond your office walls as well. Where does your coffee supplier rank when it comes to green growing practices? What’s the environmental track record of the delivery truck service you use?

Sustainable procurement means sourcing from suppliers and service providers that follow robust environmental practices. By championing sustainable procurement, you’re not only improving your organization’s environmental performance — you’re also driving positive change across the entire supply chain.

So, be choosy — and help create a future where our economy and environment work in harmony.

Related Sustainable Development Goals:

Click here to visit the Global Reporting Initiative’s SDG compass annex for details.

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Our guide to buying responsibly takes you through five steps to help you champion sustainable procurement at your organization, including:

  1. Create a sustainable procurement working group.
  2. Map out current purchasing processes and sustainability goals.
  3. Identify and discuss gaps between sustainability and purchasing.
  4. Set a common sustainable purchasing goal.
  5. Track your progress and pivot strategies as needed.

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