WWF’s  recent Living Planet Report Canada found that half of monitored vertebrate species in this country are declining, and of those, the decline is 83 per cent.

The causes? Habitat loss, pollution, unsustainable harvest, invasive species and climate change. 

On March 28, 2020 at 8:30 p.m. local time, switch off your lights and #Connect2Earth to draw attention to wildlife loss in Canada and around the world.


Here’s how you can join the Earth Hour movement:

  1. Host a lunch and learn to educate your colleagues about declining wildlife in Canada and the importance of individual conservation actions at work and at home.
  2. Ask your property manager or facilities manager to join the thousands of buildings around the world that are turning off their building’s lights at 8:30 pm, on Saturday, March 30. Download our business toolkit below to get started.
  3. Encourage your colleagues to speak up about why nature matters by asking them to share their Earth Hour stories. Sweeten the pot by offering them the chance to win a prize for anyone that participates.
  4. Go beyond the hour by making a commitment to a continual change throughout the year that reduces your impact on the environment.


When you participate in Earth Hour with your company, you’ll be shining a spotlight on the accelerating loss of nature and the threats this poses to us all. These are meaningful conversations that will help more people than ever learn why nature is so vital and why we must take urgent action now.

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