Participating in the CN Tower Climb with your company this year? Here are six ideas to have some fun with your team and help you meet your climb fundraising goals. Thank you for giving back to nature!

How to Get Started

This guide offers six creative ideas to help you raise awareness and funds for your company’s CN Tower climb, including how to:

  1. Organize a climb bake sale
  2. Get an executive to step up
  3. Run a riveting raffle
  4. Plan a climb cook-off contest
  5. Host a tower toonie challenge
  6. Host a wild 50/50 draw

How Will This Action Create Change?

By hosting a CN Tower Climb fundraiser, you will:

  • Put the ‘fun’ into fundraising for a good cause!
  • Let your colleagues know about the work they’re helping to raise funds for critical environmental work across Canada.
  • Raise awareness about your company’s participation in the CN Tower climb. You may even recruit a few more members to join your team!

Get Started

Are you ready to make a difference? Click the link below to get started!
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