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Host a Virtual Our Planet: Our Business Screening

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We need your help to mobilize the private sector to reverse the loss of nature. Take the first step by hosting this special Our Planet: Our Business screening at your workplace. In this 40-minute special film, learn more about what businesses can do to help create a new deal for nature and for people.



How Will This Action Create Change?

By organizing an Our Planet: Our Business film screening at your company, you can: 

  • Provide an opportunity for individuals at your workplace to learn about, and act on, some of the major environmental challenges we’re facing today.
  • Learn what environmental topics employees care about by organizing a facilitated post-film conversation.
  • Encourage keen individuals to get involved in a more meaningful way by joining your green team or volunteering to help with an environmental activity.

When you’ve completed this action, share your results with us for the opportunity to be featured in Living Planet @ Work communications.

The Sustainable Development Goals That Align with This Action Include:

Visit the SDG compass site for details.