Less business waste means a happier planet.

Canada has a waste problem. In fact, if everyone around the world lived like we do, we’d need another four planets to survive. From using up finite natural resources to filling our oceans with plastic, our wasteful ways are not sustainable.

That’s as true in the workplace as it is at home. Each year, millions of tonnes of recyclable or reusable office furniture, e-waste and other materials end up in landfills. Meanwhile, poor packaging choices create major sources of pollution.

The good news? There are many ways to trim your company’s waste. Whether it’s putting compost bins in the break room, working with suppliers to reduce unnecessary packaging or launching a reusable mug campaign, you can help implement a waste strategy that’s good for the planet — and your company’s bottom line.

Related Sustainable Development Goals:

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  1. Find out how much waste you are consuming and evaluate high-waste office areas with a waste audit.
  2. Set goals to reduce paper and plastic packaging in the products you purchase.
  3. Implement organics recycling at your office.
  4. Communicate waste reduction tips to internal stakeholders like your landlord and employees from all departments.
  5. Get employees engaged in a campaign to reduce waste by bringing reusable mugs or lunch containers to work.

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