There are plenty of ways to reduce travel-related carbon emissions.

Climate change is getting worse and contributing to droughts, floods, wildfires and habitat destruction around the world. And here in Canada, nearly a quarter of planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation sector.

As a Living Planet @ Work workplace champion, you can help your company reduce its travel footprint — while also saving money!

For example, carpooling not only keeps cars off the road, it also keeps gas money in the pockets of your co-workers. Providing transit passes instead of parking passes encourages more sustainable choices. And leveraging video conferencing tools offers an eco-friendly alternative to out-of-town meetings, which saves money, travel time and whole lot of hassle.

Related Sustainable Development Goals:

Click here to visit the Global Reporting Initiative’s SDG compass annex for details.


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  1. Track your office’s footprint from business travel and employee commuting to find out where your biggest impacts lie.
  2. Encourage employees to use technology to reduce the need for business air travel.
  3. Set goals to implement policies that will help employees make decisions that reduce travel-related emissions across the organization.
  4. Communicate the benefits of environmentally preferable commuting options to employees.
  5. Host a clean commute challenge that provides incentives for employees to find lower-carbon alternatives to work (e.g. carpooling, public transit, biking and walking).

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