Shrinking your energy footprint helps to make our planet more sustainable.

We’re all seeing the effects of climate change. Sea ice is shrinking; seasons are shifting; droughts, wildfires and floods are on the rise. As WWF-Canada’s Living Planet Report reveals, that’s bad news for humans and wildlife alike. We need to act now to prevent the worst effects of a warming planet.

And the corporate sector can make a big difference. Businesses and institutions produce more than a third of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions. By uncovering energy efficiencies, switching to renewable alternatives and even just organizing energy efficiency awareness activities for employees, you can help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

Related Sustainable Development Goals:

Click here to visit the Global Reporting Initiative’s SDG compass annex for details.

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  1. Find out how much energy you’re consuming with an energy audit.
  2. Set goals to invest in renewable, clean energy and energy-efficient products and buildings.
  3. Communicate your business energy tips to internal stakeholders like your landlord and employees from all departments.
  4. Get employees engaged in a campaign to save electricity at work.
  5. Show your support for climate action by participating in Earth Hour on March 30.

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