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As an individual who cares about conservation, you'll have the opportunity to virtually meet and network with passionate, like-minded individuals.

You'll build leadership skills and help to harness the strengths of your colleagues for the health of the planet. The best part? We'll support you through your sustainability journey with ideas, case studies, toolkits, monthly webinars, newsletters and more.

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The business case for joining Living Planet @ Work is simple. We all know how important employee engagement is to business success. Studies continually show that high engagement leads to:

  • Improved performance
  • Increased retention 
  • Attraction of top talent

Industry research and trends also confirm that the next generation of employees want to work for an environmentally responsible organization. Employee engagement around sustainability has these benefits too:

  • Increased efficiency and associated cost savings
  • Brand reputation benefits from customers and external stakeholders
  • Demonstration of leadership within and beyond your sector

Join us. Help us harness the power of business and its employees for the good of the planet.

Take the Living Planet @ Work pledge:

  1. Implement at least one footprint reduction initiative at work

  2. Engage your employees in at least two WWF campaigns

  3. Host at least one fundraising initiative to support WWF's conservation work

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Living Planet @ Work is not just engaging employees to drive more sustainable business practices; we're creating environmental advocates who will lead a wave of environmental change at work as well as in their homes, schools and communities.

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