Tomorrow...Samantha Laliberte, Co-founder of Ezzy Lynn Makes Her Polar Dip Debut!

As I gear up for my first Polar Dip with WWF-Canada, the leading question on my mind is, ‘what am I going to wear?!’ Luckily Toronto has just experienced a Family Day weekend full of sunshine and above average temperatures. Still, I’m starting to envision those chilly nerves in the moments leading up to the plunge.

Only an organization like WWF-Canada could mobilize me to make such a commitment. I’ve been supporting their mission for more than two years, through the social enterprise I co-founded, 
Ezzy Lynn. This partnership has further enlightened me by the incredible effectiveness of WWF-Canada’s work and the sense of urgency we should all bear towards wildlife conservation.

One in four of the world’s mammals are now threatened with extinction in the near future. So are one in eight birds, one in five sharks, one in four coniferous trees, and one in three amphibians. You get it. The more I learn, the more compelled I am to act. 

By taking the plunge, I’m supporting WWF Canada’s goal to ensure the Arctic region can adapt to a changing climate.

Last spring, I spent twenty minutes and exactly one, exhausting second climbing 1,776 steps for the annual CN Tower Climb for Nature. After being surrounded by hundreds of other climbers who shared that same sense of duty to act; I left feeling optimistic about the future of wildlife and the confidence boost from achieving such a physical endeavor was a total bonus!

On February 28, I expect it will be that same contagious energy from the other dippers that propels me into Lake Ontario. By taking the plunge, I’m supporting WWF Canada’s goal to ensure the Arctic region can adapt to a changing climate. Whether I find a wetsuit to wear or participate in a bikini, the pressing nature of what this event stands for is all I’ll need to brave the chill. 

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