HP shares lessons learned from 6 years of Climbing the CN Tower for WWF!

© WWF-Canada

By Olivia Fernandez, Living Planet @ Work Officer,  WWF-Canada

Gillian hangs with Panda at the HP Canada head office in Toronto © WWF-Canada

How many climbers from HP have registered so far, and why do you think HP gets such strong representation year after year?
So far, HP has 7 teams with 36 climbers total (with hopefully more to come)! We’re successful because the event has such strong support from top management.
Lloyd Bryant, Vice President & General Manager at HP, and veteran climber:  “I have participated in the CN Tower Climb for the past 5 years and will be participating again this year! It is truly a rewarding experience to support WWF in this worthy cause and great fun joining fellow colleagues in a race to the top.”

Why so many?
Often, employees are looking for opportunities to make a difference, but they don’t always find them in their day-to-day life.

The Climb is a chance for employees to have fun and challenge themselves, while raising money for an amazing cause. Many managers also use the event as an opportunity for team building within their business unit.

How did you promote the event internally?

  • Send emails on behalf of Lloyd Bryant to all GTA employees encouraging them to sign up
  • Have WWF and panda visit HP head office
  • Display posters and digital signs in our buildings
  • Put up posters in our gym to recruit
  • Implement a Climb training program at the gym
  • Offer early bird registration prizes
  • Offer prizes for our teams. Categories include: Most team spirit, most money raised  (individual and team), fastest climber, etc

Your team names?

HP Supreme Steppers
HP Primed to climb
Stepping Way Up
The Power of MPS!
The Ghadfather
Mosaic – HP Canada Retail
Mosaic – HP Canada Retail 2

Can you provide three tips to help recruit employees?

1) Talk to people! From chatting about the climb in the elevator to the lunch table, I try to get people engaged wherever I can.

2) Start recruiting early. It’s never too early to get people to start thinking about the Climb

3) Make it FUN. By offering prizes in categories such as “most team spirit,” it shows that the Climb is about having fun as well as raising money for a good cause

What are three fundraising tips that you can share with other captains?

1) Post, post, post. I posted links to my personal page through my Facebook, email, and twitter and found that it helped garner donations quickly and efficiently.

2) Set a challenging personal goal. I set an aggressive fundraising goal for myself that encouraged me to work harder at raising money.

3) Let people know that every donation matters. Every dollar helps make a difference.

How are you and your fellow climbers training for the climb, including in the HP gym?

In preparation for the Climb, we’ve now started to take the stairs in the morning and at the end of the day. We also have a training program through our gym that helps climbers condition themselves for the event. Check out our training program below:

2013 CN Tower Climb Training Program

This program is intended for first time climbers, or for the climber who is just looking to complete the challenge.

*Week of Mar. 17th – 7 flights, 3x or 12 mins

*Week of Mar. 24th – 7 flights, 4x or 16 mins

*Week of Mar. 31st – 7 flights, 5x or 20 mins

*Week of Apr. 7th – 7 flights, 7x or 28 mins

*Week of April 14th – 7 flights, 5x or 20 mins

* Week of April 21st – 7 flights, 3x or 12 mins

*Complete 3- 4 times per week

What are you looking forward to most on Climb day?
I am most looking forward to the feeling of accomplishment as I climb that last flight of stairs!

How will your team celebrate after?
Our team is going to celebrate by joining other climbers at the Dr. Scholl’s Team Challenge After Party for food, drinks and even more fun!

HP Canada champions Living Planet @ Work program. Want to participate in the 23rd Annual Canada Life Tower Climb with Gillian and hundreds of other Living Planet @ Work climbers? Want to join our after party? Register here!

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