WWF & HP Case Study: Partnering for Good

How can not-for-profits and businesses work together to help put Canada on a more sustainable path?

For the last decade, HP Canada and WWF-Canada have worked together on the internationally recognized Living Planet @ Work program – a flagship initiative that was designed to harness the collective power of individuals to drive sustainable business practices and forge an important link between sustainability, employee engagement and philanthropy.

Business sustainability leadership expert Coro Strandberg has summarized the journey and key elements of the 10-year partnership into a case study, providing key insights on how companies and non-profits can work together to address the biggest, most complex and critical issues of our time. 

Read the case study to learn more about:

  • WWF-Canada and HP Canada's 10-year partnership journey and lessons learned
  • Critical success factors for a strong, healthy and impactful partnership
  • Benefits arising from HP Canada and WWF-Canada's ongoing collaboration
  • Tips and resources to help your organization identify opportunities to create and benefit from transformational partnerships

HP Canada and WWF-Canada’s collaboration demonstrates how a partnership between two organizations can evolve from simple and transactional into strategic, transformational and innovative. Download the case study to learn more.

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