We know that meaningful change comes from within an organization and the more help you can get to build support across teams and employees, the better. Here, you’ll find the resources to help build that support.

We’ve got step-by-step guides to help you reduce your company's footprint, audit trackers for measuring your progress, campaign toolkits, links to relevant articles, educational trivia and entertaining videos to share. We hope this virtual toolbox will make your job as a Green Champion faster, easier and smoother.

As you browse through our library of resources, don't forget to check out the related actions for new initiatives to implement along the way!

Featured Resources

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The Smart Office Challenge

Discover the untapped opportunities to reduce waste, conserve energy and save money with the power of Green IT.


Green IT Checklist

This is a quick and easy checklist to complete with your IT manager during your company’s Smart Office Challenge.

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Building a sustainability culture at OLG

Developed in partnership with WWF, OLG’s new Green Leadership Certificate program is boosting employee engagement and driving environmental action across the province. Find out how.

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