Building a sustainability culture at OLG

© OLG, WWF-Canada
Smart organizations understand the value of making sustainability a fundamental part of their operations. Reducing energy and resource use doesn’t just benefit the planet — it also cuts costs and enhances your reputation with customers, investors and other stakeholders. Moreover, a strong environmental ethos serves as a powerful tool for recruiting new talent and reducing employee turnover.
As this case study shows, those benefits are enhanced even further when you empower employees to get involved in workplace sustainability initiatives and lead positive change.
OLG’s Green Leadership Certificate — developed in partnership with WWF — has proved a highly successful way to engage employees. Today, it is the most popular voluntary training program across OLG. And with each new participant who signs on, it’s building a critical mass of motivated employees with the knowledge and skills to advance sustainability in their workplace, further enhancing OLG’s reputation as an environmental leader.
Download the case study to learn about the key elements of this program's success.
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