Travel and the Workplace- A Primer

© Michael Buckley / WWF-Canada

Employee commuting to work and business transportation have a host of negative environmental impacts. Emissions from these actions, such as driving single-occupancy vehicles or travelling by air, produce pollution and smog and contribute to climate change.

Alternatives, such as carpooling, transit or cycling - or eliminating the need for business travel altogether through video conferencing and other remote meeting tools – can reduce these negative impacts.

That’s not all though! Reducing car and air travel can also save you money. By rethinking transportation and implementing green business travel, you can cut many costs related to fuel, maintenance, parking, insurance, capital depreciation and airfare. And, by encouraging employees to use alternative forms of transportation in their daily commute, they also reduce their cost of owning and maintaining a personal vehicle!

Learn more about the environmental impacts and cost-savings benefits in our workplace travel primer.

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