Polar Bear Walk 2017

© Marie-Chantal Marchand / WWF-Canada

What does 5,000 km mean to a polar bear? 
Every winter, the majestic polar bear makes the estimated 5,000 km journey on sea ice for food, to mate and to raise its cubs. However the Arctic is warming at twice the average global rate, causing sea ice – the foundation of Arctic life – to melt. This is creating unseen challenges for wildlife.

WWF's vision for the Arctic
Our goal for the Arctic is clear: to ensure that this region - including wildlife, and the people who depend on healthy wildlife populations - is able to adapt to a changing climate. However, we can't do it alone.

Put yourself in the paws of a polar bear  
This winter, rally your colleagues to raise funds and participate in a Polar Bear Walk with WWF. The Polar Bear Walk is simple: get outside, track the number of kilometres you walk with your workplace, and raise funds for WWF-Canada's critical Arctic conservation work.

WWF's goal is for workplaces, schools and communities to raise funds and walk a collective 5,000 km to support WWF's Arctic conservation work. That's the same distance that just one polar bear travels each year for survival.

Learn more about how your company can get involved by e-mailing the Living Planet @ Work Team today!

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