About Living Planet @ Work

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At WWF, we envision a world in which thriving ecosystems support thriving economies; a world where what's good for the long-term success of corporations is also good for the long-term sustainability of people and the planet.

More than 16 million people make up the Canadian workforce and they will collectively make over a billion decisions at work every day. Now imagine if all of these decision took the health of the planet into account. To make this possible, WWF launched Living Planet @ Work.

This innovative program provides the strategic guidance, green business ideas, free tools and support to empower and engage employees so they can drive sustainable practices at work.

Become a Champion

As an individual that cares about conservation, you have the ability to influence your co-workers and initiate change within your organization, no matter how big or small your workplace is.

Join Living Planet @ Work and become a green champion to drive sustainability on a transformative scale.

What it takes:

Vision, passion, commitment and a willingness to dedicate a few hours per week to establish and run a workplace greening program.

What you get:

  • Free resources, online toolkits and support
  • Monthly newsletters and webinars to grow your green efforts and engage employees
  • Opportunities to be recognized across the WWF-Canada network on our blog, social media and national publications
  • A chance to build your leaderships skills and create tangible results
  • The opportunity to connect with a supportive and passionate group of like-minded people who will help you along the way

Feeling inspired and want to champion sustainability at your workplace? Take the Living Planet @ Work pledge below:

  • Reduce your Company's Footprint
  • Engage Employees in Campaigns
  • Fundraise for WWF

Reduce Your Company's Footprint

Lead the implementation of at least one workplace footprint reduction initiative

Engage Your Employees in Campaigns

Engage employees on at least two WWF campaigns.

Fundraise for WWF

Organize at least one workplace giving event in support of WWF.

Join Us

Your workplace can help tackle the greatest conservation challenges of our time.

Become a catalyst for change. Join Living Planet @ Work, and start your journey to sustainability today!