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Membership in the Living Planet @ Work Community is free!
Living Planet @ Work is an online community for employees and businesses who want to take action to reduce their company's environmental footprint and engage employees in sustainability at work. When you join Living Planet @ Work, you are lending your voice to a collective, positive and unified call for everyone - government, business and individuals - to do their part to create a sustainable environment and fight climate change.

As a member of Living Planet @ Work, we ask that your engagement be positive, supportive and respectful. If a member is deemed to be engaging in an abusive or defamatory fashion we reserve the right to block access to the community for that member.

Your member profile

Your screen name and profile picture are visible to anyone who visits the site. Other membership information, including the number of actions taken, how much GHG you've saved and the province you are from are visible to site visitors if you join a group. Fellow group members of any private group you join can also see your full name.

You may not upload copyrighted text, images or video to your member profile or any group or blog page without the express written permission of the owner.

Member generated content

We look forward to hearing from you - do you have some experiences to share? Know of an outstanding individual or business in your community that you would like to tell us about? Have an idea for a new greenhouse gas reduction or employee engagement action that you'd like to see added to our list? Contact us at

By submitting, you consent to having WWF-Canada post your idea, image or video to the Living Planet @ Work website, and you acknowledge that you have the permission of the featured individual(s) to submit for this purpose. You may not submit or upload copyrighted text, images or video to the Living Planet Community without the express written permission of the owner.

Member content will be posted subject to the approval of WWF-Canada.

Lobbying disclaimer

Your participation in the Living Planet @ Work helps demonstrate to key decision makers in government and business that Canadians want action on a number of sustainability initiatives. This means your individual actions can have far greater impact than the direct greenhouse gas reductions you'll add up on your profile - as important as those are.

WWF-Canada will use the aggregate results of  Living Planet @ Work - the number of individuals participating, actions taken and etc. - as support for our calls for action by government and business. However, we will not use your name in any way in our lobbying efforts, and we will not claim your support for specific WWF policy recommendations, unless it is explicitly given. We respect and carefully guard all your personal information. Please see WWF Canada's general privacy policy for more details.

With your support, we can achieve tremendous results encouraging all Canadians, including our governments, to do their part to fight global warming.

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