Partner Organizations

Founding Partner: HP Canada

HP Canada

HP Canada is proud to be the Founding Partner of Living Planet @ Work, helping to transform the program into what it is today.


Canada Steamship Lines (CSL)

Canada Steamship Lines and WWF-Canada are working together to build on employee engagement and drive sustainability results in exciting and innovative ways.


Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG)

WWF-Canada is helping OLG become an industry leader in sustainable business practices by building on its environmental strengths and through employee engagement.

© Bullfrog Power

Bullfrog Power

Bullfrog Power is working with WWF-Canada to develop tools and resources that help Living Planet @ Work Champions conserve energy in the workplace.

Get Involved

By becoming a partner or investor champion of the Living Planet @ Work program, you help to inspire change within your organization and make the world a better place.

Become a Living Planet @ Work Partner

As a visionary corporate leader, put your organization’s strength and capacity behind a movement for sustainability in the business world by partnering with Living Planet @ Work. As well as allocating resources to support sustainability within your own organization and encouraging workplace giving, partners contribute $50,000 to the ongoing evolution of our Living Planet @ Work program.

WWF will provide dedicated, one-on-one sustainability consulting support to help engage your employees, set your environmental goals, develop a customized strategic plan and put it into action. We’ll offer exclusive learning, training and networking opportunities via green business workshops with our conservation experts.

Contact Adrienne Lo for more information and to set-up a program partnership.

Invest in Living Planet @ Work

As an organization or individual investor or philanthropist, invest in the infrastructure that makes change on this scale possible. Help us expand Living Planet @ Work, create a culture of conservation across corporate Canada and engage employees in a way that extends far beyond going green at work.

Your philanthropic support gives us the vital resources to leverage our pilot project success into sector-wide change. As a savvy investor, you will see your investment multiply in impact as the Living Planet @ Work program expands, increasing the capacity of Canadian businesses to contribute meaningfully to conservation.

Contact Adrienne Lo for more information and to set-up a program investment.